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About Us

Meaning. Purpose. Healing. 

Welcome to Soul Centered. We are a spiritual center for individuals seeking meaning, purpose and healing in the Afternoon of Life (midlife and beyond).

Meaning & Purpose

Baruch guides people to discover meaning in their shatterings, uncover purpose at their midlife crossroads, and inspirationally, effectively and impactfully navigate the Afternoon of Life.

Healing & Spirituality

Ariela guides women in the Afternoon of Life to reawaken a deep connection to their soul, and discover their Divine Feminine Spirit, to heal, transform and feel empowered in their lives.

Baruch HaLevi - Ariela HaLevi
Ariela HaLevi

Meet Ariela HaLevi

My name is Ariela HaLevi. I guide people to connect to their divine body and soul wisdom so they can heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Trust me when I tell you that I didn’t always feel whole. I struggled most of my life with loving and connecting to my body. Family struggles, trauma, generational wounds, and an autoimmune disorder left me feeling lost. I felt like I must have done something wrong to have gone through all these things. So I turned on myself – my body and my spirit.

My healing came to me in layers and waves. My healing started in my 20’s, when I realized that there was more to me than just my physical self. That my body was a home for my soul.

My healing continued with the marriage of my soulmate. The man who saw the light inside of me, and still to this day, encourages me to honor it, and love and nurture myself.

My healing continued with the birth of our four children, and subsequent challenges of spirited children that spurred me to trust in my intuition as a mother and a woman.

My healing came and kicked me in the ass at the age of 40. At that time, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, and my mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I then experienced adrenal and digestive issues, strep, and antibiotic overload. My body was crying out for help. Through my training and professional experience, I realized that if I truly wanted to heal I would need to get to the root causes of my pain.

So I listened to my body, instead of fighting with it. I experienced the emotions that were at the root causes of my pain and created space for healing my emotions, body, and spirit. I became my own healer.

Here’s what I realized: We hold all the healing and truth inside of our body. The key is expressing our emotions so we can release them from the body.

I’d love to support you in your own healing.

Schedule a Soul Empowered Discovery Session so we can:

  • Clarify your vision of what’s possible when you connect with your body and soul wisdom
  • Identify the unique blocks stopping you from being emotionally, spiritually, and physically whole
  • Create an action plan to help you gain the freedom to heal and change your life
  • Explore how I can support you on your healing energy

My greatest gift is my ability to guide people to connect to their divine body and soul wisdom, so they can uncover the root cause of their issues and finally heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Most of all, I’m passionate about guiding you to true healing, and helping you trust yourself and clear a pathway inside of yourself to become your own healer.

Baruch HaLevi, Rabbi B

Meet Baruch HaLevi

My name is Baruch HaLevi. For over twenty years I guided thousands of people through all of life’s tests, trials, traumas and tragedies as the rabbi of multiple congregations across America.

However, at the pinnacle of a successful career, I could no longer continue on with this profession. Here’s why.

Years earlier, I watched my father struggle at a similar midlife crossroads, with devastating consequences. Instead of proactively changing course, he numbed himself, lost touch with his calling, and eventually succumbed to a deep, inner darkness. Ultimately, he did what his mother had done at her midlife crossroads, he took his own life.

I did not know where to go or what to do, but I knew this – I would not be a third generation of suicide.

So, I, along with my wife, Ariela, and our four children, resigned from our position, moved to Israel to pursue a lifelong dream, and I set forth to discover my voice, my calling and my purpose. Although it was a profoundly challenging and struggle filled time, it was necessary. I know first hand what it mans to face the dark night of the soul; and I equally know what it means to arise on the other side stronger, clearer and with meaning and purpose. This purpose was, and continues to be, to help guide others through the midlife crossroads, and through the Afternoon of Life, with such clarity, meaning and purpose.

Eventually we returned to the states to establish Soul Centered, where we provide healing and guidance for people facing these types of struggles, challenges and turmoil which the Afternoon of Life presents to us time and time again. This time of life can be the most meaningful, purposeful and inspirational time of our life, if we consciously and proactively face it and learn how to move through it with new goals, rules and tools. This is why we created Soul Centered, and the work I do with my clients – helping them discover meaning, purpose & healing through the Afternoon of Life.

Baruch is an ordained rabbi, holds a Doctoral Degree in Ministry, pastoral counseling with an emphasis on Spiritual Direction, and is a Logotherapist.  He has training and experience in a multitude of pastoral, chaplaincy, and counseling settings, and was the senior rabbi of one of the largest congregations in the Northeast. For the past six years, Rabbi B has focused on his private counseling practice, both in-person (in Denver, CO) and by phone/video-conferencing, along with numerous social-entrepreneurial ventures.

I’d be honored to guide you in discovering meaning, purpose and inspiration…

Having guided thousands of clients through this process, and having made the journey myself, I designed Soul Unleashed, as the pathway and program for exactly this purpose. Synthesizing Logotherapy (meaning-centered therapy), spiritual counseling and practical life coaching tools, I work with clients through a combination of one-on-one virtual counseling, optional small group online webinars, and a host of supplemental, customized support materials. 

Soul Unleashed is a program to help you intentionally set new goals, consciously create new rules, and masterfully acquire new tools to purposefully, passionately and powerfully discover meaning in your shatterings, uncover purpose at your midlife crossroads, and inspirationally, effectively and impactfully navigate the Afternoon of Life.

It would be an honor and privilege to speak with you about how we might best work together. Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session, today.


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