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Soul Unleashed

Guidance Through The Afternoon of Life 

Soul Unleashed is a program to help you intentionally set new goals, consciously create new rules, and masterfully acquire new tools to purposefully, passionately and powerfully live in the Afternoon of your life.

Welcome To Soul Unleashed…

Do Any of These Speak To You?

  • You have arrived at midlife with everything you ever wanted, and yet it is never enough.

  • You are struggling with the meaning of your life, suffering with the reality of your life, longing to know the true purpose of your life.

  • You are grieving a loss: the loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of your identity, feeling like it’s time to make it meaningful, make it matter, make it count. 

  • You have material possessions but not spiritual purpose; an excess of comforts but an absence of clarity; mastery in your outer world, feeling anything but masterful in your inner life.

  • You live with regrets for having betrayed yourself, lost your voice and abandoned your true self in the first half of your life.

  • You have a relentless feeling that there is something more for you out there, and a deeper calling to be explored within you.

  • You are done running from your shadows, pretending your life is pretty, faking your way through your life, ready to make a stand, to meet the real you, and live your authentic life.

If you answered yes to any of these then you are ready for Soul Unleashed!

When we come to the crossroads of midlife, or are along the journey into the Afternoon of Life, sooner or later the Universe whispers in our ear that change is coming. Eventually She no longer whispers; She rages! And when she does our world comes crashing down and our journey comes to a grinding halt.

At these crossroads, amidst these shatterings, and all throughout the Afternoon of Life, we come to learn that the old goals no longer resonate, the old rules don’t make sense, and the old tools no longer work. Or, in the words of Dr. Carl Jung: “…for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” 

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. — Carl Jung. 

Having guided thousands of clients through this process, and having made the journey myself, I designed Soul Unleashed, as the pathway and program for exactly this purpose. Synthesizing Logotherapy (meaning-centered therapy), spiritual counseling and practical life coaching tools, I work with clients through a combination of one-on-one virtual counseling, optional small group online webinars, and a host of supplemental, customized support materials.

Soul Unleashed is a program to help you intentionally set new goals, consciously create new rules, and masterfully acquire new tools to purposefully, passionately and powerfully live in the Afternoon of your life.

What You Will Experience

During the three month Soul Unleashed journey you will experience the following: 

Reclaim Certainty

You are not alone. There is a pathway forward. You will find your way, but first you must feel safe, supported and secure. Together we will help you get your bearings, regain your footing and reclaim a sense of certainty in your life. 

Recover Clarity

No matter how dark or painful your life may be, there is always a way through it and that begins with clarity. Through our work you will recover clarity as you begin to see where you are going and the hope that comes when you see how to get there. 

Rediscover Meaning 

Whatever you are facing or enduring, there are always sparks waiting to be discovered in the darkness. In this step we will explore the shadows of your life as we begin to transform the darkness through discovering sparks of meaning, possibility and blessing in you and your life.  

Reawaken Purpose

When we discover meaning, we tap into an energy within us we never knew existed. As our meaning evolves, our passion ascends and our true purpose crystalizes before our eyes. In this   fourth step you will begin to clarify the purpose of your soul as you reorient your life to fulfill it.

Realize Power

As we begin to live our true purpose, we grow in authentic power – the power that only, ever comes from discovering our voice, living our life, and expressing our soul in the world. The fifth step is about cultivating this power and living it fully and fiercely in all aspects of our life.

How We Work Together


Over the course of three months we meet weekly, in an hour long “Soul Session”, which takes place by phone or Zoom (whichever you prefer). Each session begins with a brief, mindfulness-centering-visualization, helping you get settled, relaxed and focused. From there you will experience a combination of free-flowing sharing of whatever you need to process, together with an intuitively guided conversation, supplemented with the direction of your Soul Plan as we address timely issues, hidden shadows and ongoing patterns as you learn to unleash your soul.  


After your complimentary discovery session, where we’ll spend time getting to know one another, we will begin to create your “Soul Map.” A Soul Map is your personalized roadmap for navigating the Afternoon of Life. It is composed of your expressed wants and needs, my insights and reflections from our work together, and your Enneagram personality type. The Enneagram is an ancient, powerful and practical personality/character/soul assessment tool which will help us better understand the architecture of your soul. This map will be yours to take with you as you move forward on your journey into the Afternoon of your life.


When it comes to soul, it’s not about doing more, but doing it more intentionally, consciously and soulfully. Sometimes it’s about “doing”, but often it’s about “being,” and in between Soul Sessions you will have the opportunity to be more present, intentional and conscious through “Soul Work”. Soul Work consists of a combination of multi-media designed meditations, mindfulness practices, yoga videos, journaling exercises, and other original produced content to help you continue, and deepen, your practice and journey in between sessions, as much or as little as you need.


Soul Communications

An online communication platform where you will receive daily, group inspirational voice messages, and periodic, personalized supplemental messages to aid in your journey between sessions. You’ll also have the ability to text or voice message me any questions, insights or reflections you might want to share. 

Soul Seminars

Monthly Zoom webinars, hosted by Baruch and Ariela, exclusively for Soul Seekers (Soul Centered clients and members), where you can continue to explore the goals, rules and tools of the Afternoon of Life.

Soul Retreats

Lastly, you will be extended the opportunity to join in future Soul Retreats (virtual and post-Covid in the Rocky Mountains) to gather together with fellow Soul Seekers, for immersive Soul Unleashed exploration as we build our Soul Centered Tribe, together.


In so many ways, I was a typical highly motivated, achievement-oriented forty-something year old male. I worked sixty plus hours per week in a high-stress environment, both to benefit my family and to perpetuate my ego.  I thought I was built to “handle it”… but before I blinked, it was a hurricane that threatened to turn my life upside down.  I am so grateful that Baruch walked into my life, and for the last several months, I have spent many hours with B exploring what led up to my “mid-life crisis,” how to interpret it, and how to harness it to bring meaning to what I hope is the second half of my life.

-Dr. Scott Klein, Denver, CO

I was raised Christian and today would say that I am spiritual, not religious. After my dad’s death I was heart broken and lost within the darkness. Rabbi B was there to guide me through a unique combination of compassion, strength, spirituality and inspiration. He helped me discover sparks within my darkness.

-Susan Ecker, LCSW, Missouri

I am a 62 year old looking for more meaning and spirituality in my life to help balance the day to day pressures and stress of work and family and the condition of the world. Baruch has an excellent understanding of how to help people move forward with this work because of his knowledge of the teachings of Viktor Frankl’s philosophy and Logotherapy –  finding meaning in your life when things are tough. 

-John Perlman, Managing Partner at an Investment Firm, Denver, CO

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