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Soul Empowered

Healing Through The Afternoon of Life

Ariela HaLevi guides people to connect to their divine body and soul wisdom so they can heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She teaches through mystical blends of yoga, guided healing visualizations, emotional release work, soul coaching, energy work, and intuitive guidance. 

Emotional Healing Guided Meditation

Welcome To Divine Body Wisdom Guidance

Have You Ever…

  • A longing for a deeper connection to your body, to increase the capacity to feel, to love and accept yourself fully?

  • An ache to transform your life, but trapped by the emotions and limiting beliefs of the past?

  • A crisis of your soul, experiencing the transitions, turbulence, and trials of midlife?

  • A need to discard old masks of identity, roles, titles and expectations of others? 

  • Lonely and disempowered in your relationships, unable to find your voice and worthiness?   

  • Your body crying out to you to nurture her, nourish her and heal her?

  • The heartache of a loss: loss of a loved one, loss of relationship, loss of yourself?

  • A yearning for a relationship with the divine that feels loving and safe, like a nurturing mother?  

  • Ready to realize your soul purpose and finally live her fully and fiercely in the Afternoon of Life.

If you answered yes to any of these then you are not alone…

Hi! I am Ariela HaLevi and I want to welcome you to Soul Centered. I guide women in the Afternoon of Life to reawaken a deep connection to their soul, and discover their Divine Feminine Spirit, to heal, transform and feel empowered in their lives.

When we come to the crossroads of midlife, or are along the journey into the Afternoon of Life, sooner or later the Universe whispers in our ear that change is coming. Eventually She no longer whispers; She rages! And when she does our world comes crashing down and our journey comes to a grinding halt. Our heart can be shattered into a million pieces, and we have to stop, face and pick up those pieces. The problem is we were never taught how. 

At these crossroads, amidst these shatterings, and all throughout the Afternoon of Life, time and again we are presented opportunities to shift our focus and our life: 

  • From being asleep in our life to waking up to our spirit
  • From feeling like we must go-it-alone, to being ready for guidance from beyond
  • From being stuck in our body, unable to express our emotions, to living with inner freedom and embodied presence

This is the time of our life, and these are our opportunities to feel, to heal and to ascend in spirit. 

Having guided clients through this process, for nearly twenty years, and having made the journey myself, I designed Soul Empowered Healing as the pathway and program to assist women at midlife and onwards. Utilizing energy healing, intuitive guidance, healing visualizations, spiritual counseling, and soul retrieval guidance, I work with clients through a combination of one-on-one virtual healing sessions, optional small group sessions, online webinars, and a host of supplemental, customized support materials. Soul Empowered Healing is a program to help you experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and live your soul purpose in the Afternoon of Life. 

I work with clients to:

Return To Your Soul

Return and open to the connection with your deepest soul wisdom, drawing upon healing guidance as a roadmap to navigate life’s twists and turns. This allows you to open to the journey of your soul and receive healing that aligns your thoughts, beliefs, actions and experiences with your soul. This realignment is the key to inner freedom and allows you to return to who you truly are – you are a divine being! 

Rediscover Your Soul

Rediscover your inner freedom, your empowered voice, and shifting your choices, energy and being to feel more aligned with your soul’s purpose, by removing the blocks that prevent you from being who you are. Once you discover this you realize – you are enough! 

Reawaken Your Soul

Reawaken your soul and experience a spiritual, emotional and physical transformation through releasing trapped emotions. As you repair, nurture, and enhance connections between your body, soul and emotions, you release the blocked pathways to knowing your wholeness and spiritual wisdom – you are an embodied spirit!  

Renew Your Soul

Renew your soul as you let go of the negative and limiting beliefs and behaviors of the past. As you do, you will discover your innate ability to heal yourself, and live from a place of deep inner peace. Love is forgiving, and love is for-giving, and as you forgive and give love to yourself and those in your life (past and present) you will experience a renewal of spirit as you learn to trust yourself and trust the Divine – you are love and you are loved! 

Recommit To Your Soul

Recommit your soul to the center of your life. As you do, you will manifest a deep connection between the wisdom of your soul and The Divine Feminine. Ultimately, you will feel a newfound sense of peace within your own body, heart and life – you are home!



There are a number of tools we use to support you in achieving these results:

Mapping Your Legacy

Building Genograms to Heal Multigenerational Family Patterns, Traumas and Behaviors

Creating your own Genogram, or family tree, brings to life the invisible threads of stress, trauma and wounds that can linger from the family generations that preceded you.  Research on trans-generational healing suggests that attending to your family stories enhances emotional health and facilitates resilience and healing and creates a positive legacy for generations to come. Trans-generational trauma refers to the ways that trauma gets transferred from one generation to another either directly or indirectly. Unresolved trauma of one generation is a legacy that can be passed down to the next generation. In our work together, you will build your family genogram as a way to explore the resources you can draw on genetically, emotionally and spiritually, and to bring to life family patterns- emotionally, physically, and behaviorally.  This includes both the traumas and treasures that influence you and your spirit.  Having this information will allow us to draw upon past generations to heal and release wounds that have been passed down, but may not be yours.  It can also be a source of great wisdom and guidance as your ancestors guide you to your spiritual work around your family’s legacies as well as deep forgiveness work.  This work is done both on an energetic level as well as in our healing guided visualization work as described below. You will receive a PDF image to create your own family lineage and we will meet for our first session for an hour and a half to explore these lineages as a way to set up our work together. 

Soul Sessions

Within our 3 months of work, we will use a combination of Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance, which will lead to Healing Guided Visualization sessions:

Energy Healing with Intuitive Guidance

Over the course of three months we meet weekly, in an hour long “Soul Session”, which takes place by phone or Zoom (whichever you prefer). Each session begins with intention settings and explorations of the soul.  From there you will experience uniquely guided energy healings, which includes, but is not limited to Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Trauma Healing.  This experience is combined with Ariela’s unique way of intuitively connecting you to divine messages of healing, as well as psychically helping you make the connections needed to heal yourself, your soul and relationships, past and present, which allows for deep transformation.  Ariela helps you connect to loved ones from the past, your guides and your specific angels to assist in the discoveries and root causes of emotions and old, limiting beliefs from the past, in order to live your best life.   

Healing Guided Visualizations

In this healing service, I lead you through a meditation that is held in healing frequencies while we simultaneously take you back to whatever most needs to be healed.  The meditation is co-guided by myself and you/your higher self to take you exactly where you need to go to access emotions, memories and trauma that has been repressed.  Each session is unique and based on what you most need to access, but some things that it may include are: inner child wounding, past life trauma, early life trauma, memories that have been discarded or repressed, travel into various parts of your body for physical healing and more. This type of healing is very effective in supporting you to access and release emotions, to release cording and energy that you’ve picked up from others, and physical healing. It is deep, powerful and transformative. This is an interactive healing session in which I will be asking you questions and providing you with space to feel, emote and connect with your inner wounding. There are energy transmissions and healing to support what comes up, though it is a different type of session than an energy only based one as you will be actively guiding what wishes to be healed.



Soul Work

When it comes to soul, it’s not about doing more, but doing it more intentionally, consciously and soulfully. Sometimes it’s about “doing”, but often it’s about “being,” and in between Soul Sessions you will have the opportunity to be more present, intentional and conscious through “Soul Work”. Soul Work consists of a combination of multi-media designed meditations, mindfulness practices, yoga videos, journaling exercises, and other original produced content to help you continue, and deepen, your practice and journey in between sessions, as much or as little as you need.

Soul Support

As a bonus, you will gain access to:

  • Soul Communications:

An online communication platform where you will receive daily, group inspirational voice messages, and periodic, personalized supplemental messages to aid in your journey between sessions. You’ll also have the ability to text or voice message me any questions, insights or reflections you might want to share. 

  • Soul Seminars

Monthly Zoom webinars, hosted by Baruch and Ariela, exclusively for Soul Seekers (Soul Centered clients and members), where you can continue to explore the goals, rules and tools of the Afternoon of Life.

  • Soul Retreats

Lastly, you will be extended the opportunity to join in future Soul Retreats (virtual and post-Covid in the Rocky Mountains) to gather together with fellow Soul Seekers, for immersive Soul Unleashed exploration as we build our Soul Centered Tribe, together.


For years, I have had a heart condition, panic attacks, and most recently, a stroke. Ariela has helped me understand that unresolved emotions can trap us into an unconscious belief system that harms not only our physical body but our spiritual minds and souls. Through guided meditation, reiki, and intuitive coaching, she has helped transform my life into one of calm clarity as I rediscover who I am as a soul, a dreamer and a human on this earth. My physical health is better than ever and I now have helpful tools to access as I make supportive changes in my life. I thank the heavens above for bringing her wisdom into my life!

-Sally M., New York

Ariela came to me at a time in my life when I was faced with an acute and life threatening trauma. Her gentle, empathetic, open disposition made me instantly feel comfortable in her presence. Ariela was able to help me address the spiritual and energetic pathway to healing. She provided me with tools that have helped me focus on inner well being and awareness.

—Sharon P., Massachusetts

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