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She Is YOU. Happy Mother’s Day

She Is YOU. Happy Mother’s Day

For all of our physical, emotional and spiritual mothers – Happy Mother’s Day.

YOU are amazing. YOU are appreciated. YOU are our mother and so much more.


YOU are not a woman.

YOU are not a wife.

YOU are not a mom, daughter, or sister.

YOU are not a friend, lawyer, teacher, Christian, Jew, American….

Yes, these are all a part of YOU.

However, they are not YOU.

YOU were YOU before each of these.

YOU would be YOU without these.

YOU will be YOU long after these.

YOU will be YOU long after you are gone.

YOU are a spirit.

YOU are a soul.

YOU are a spark of the Divine.

YOU have come from somewhere profound.

YOU will one day return to the Source from which you came.

YOU are here, for now, in this world, but not of this world.

YOU have a divine job to do – to live your unique journey.

YOU have a holy task – to tell your authentic story.

YOU have a sacred duty – to walk your path wholeheartedly.

YOU are here to live fully and love fiercely. To be YOU in all that YOU do. To share YOU with all those around YOU.

And when YOU do YOU will…

Leave this world more beautiful, peaceful and loving because YOU were YOU.

Leave this life knowing YOU completed what YOU, and YOU alone, were here to do.

Leave a legacy of inspiration for those who will follow after YOU.

Leave knowing YOU will not be forgotten as they will carry YOU forward and YOU will live forever.

This is who YOU are.

This is why YOU are here.

This is what YOU were meant to do.

This is YOU!

It’s time to be YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

Rabbi B

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