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The Defiant Power of The Human Spirit

This has been a long, tragic and painful week for many of those whom I counsel and guide; men and women whom I call brothers and sisters in spirit and of spirit.

One of my brothers has lost numerous friends and family to coronavirus. He is battered and broken – but he is still standing.

One of my sisters just buried a friend, but was only able to participate virtually, a deep blow to her spirit  – but she perseveres.

Another is longing to hold her grandchildren, lonely and heartbroken that they are too young to understand why Nana doesn’t come to see them anymore –  but she warriors on.

Each one, and so many other brothers and sisters of spirit, men and women like you, embody what Dr. Viktor Frankl called, the defiant power of the human spirit.

It is this spirit which we need to dig down into.

It is this spirit which we need to hold tight to.

It is this spirit which, more than anything else, will get us through these difficult times with meaning and purpose.

Keep pushing forward.

Keep persevering.

Keep tapping that defiant power of your spirit and warrior on.

Have a Shabbat Shalom, Soulful Sabbath & Warrior Spirited Weekend.

Rabbi B

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