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The Divine Feminine Connection: Living with Present Moment Awareness

We contain our own answers. 

We already know we have the answers, and yet we still go through the motions of trying to find answers outside of ourselves. This is part of being human. We forget our divinity! We forget how powerful we are. Instead, we give that power to others: to institutions, to places, other people. We invest others with a power that is actually our own. 

I invite you to reclaim your power. This is an invitation to hone your intuition. Working with your intuition can be a sacred practice of remembering that you already contain your own answers. You can drop into your heart, and into the vast freedom within you. 


To reclaim our power, we first need to have present moment awareness: 

  • Allow all thoughts to be present
  • Allow all emotions to be present
  • Begin a practice of listening to how we feel 
  • Say how we feel when it’s appropriate 
  • Don’t run away from our present moment 
  • Don’t force the moment

Living in the present allows us to believe in ourselves, because we stop fighting against ourselves. In practicing Present Moment Awareness, we connect to our divine femininity and sit and stay with what is, we sit with our breath, and live in this one moment. 

Living with Present Moment Awareness can still be a struggle. Our thoughts can be intense and overwhelming; our past is full of pain and old beliefs. We can get scared of the future, thinking of how we might handle difficult situations that are upsetting and stressful. When we try to force negative thoughts and experiences away, it just makes the issues bigger and scarier to deal with. 

To live in the present moment, your full attention should be on what is here and now. We can do this by focusing on our breath, on love, acceptance, and freedom. When you find yourself forcing the effort, this is an invitation to stop. Focus again on your breath. In. Out. 

You always have the choice to believe in the story of “what if” and how it’s happened before, but recognize that it is a CHOICE. Let the thoughts come, and let them go. Offering your thoughts no resistance allows them to calm down.  

Pause. Breathe. Feel.

When we let the emotion come and go, without resistance, we can more easily move onto the next moment with presence of mind and true awareness. 

Part of our practice is to stop the fixing and introduce the idea of allowance: 

  • Allow yourself to enter the cave of your dark emotions 
  • Allow yourself to sit in the unknown and the scary feelings of not being able to control what we cannot control.

By allowing yourself to drop into this cave, into the interior of who you are, you begin the meaningful transformation of internal freedom. 

Let me tell you a story: 

One day, a Buddhist monk invites his negative thoughts, emotions, and wounds to tea. He invites these guests in, shares tea, and encourages a dialogue. The thoughts leave. Almost magically! They are gone. Why did these guests leave? They wanted to be seen, heard, and loved. By sharing tea and dialogue, the Buddhist monk saw, listened, and loved these negative thoughts, emotions, and wounds, and then they vanished. 

Living in Present Moment Awareness is holding all of who you are – every single part of you, and making friends with all of it. This is wholeness. This wholeness is Present Moment Awareness, and this recognition allows you reign in your divine feminine power, and your light. 

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